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Why We're Awesome!

For the mechanical engineering market segment, we can help you particularly well with your 3D issues: we have several specialists who are happy to help you with this.Engineering, Calculation, Construction & 3D Design we think along with you


Calculation, Construction & 3D Design we think along with you.

Calculation & Design simulation

Solid Edge calculations in full 3D, both horizontal and vertical drawings

Quality Assurance

NDS products and quality are related to the strict requirements set according to different norms and standards.

Easy To Us

NDS Equipments is still at your disposal in the design phase, with each new project we think with you.

Industrial Equipment

NDS equipments is engaged in further development of new industrial components on a daily basis. We invite you to take a look at our website and learn more about the range of products that NDS equipments can offer.


NDS equipments is available for all projects worldwide. Our teams provide comprehensive technical support on, both project technical and installation level.

What We Offer?

Engineering, Calculation, Construction & 3D Design we think along with you. NDS equipments focuses on designing, manufacturing and supplying installation and systems for various industries.
NDS Thrusters
NDS Equipments is the trusted address in the field of propulsion systems and controls.
NDS Pumps
NDS Equipments offers you a wide range of pumps made of high-quality materials.
NDS Valves
Our manufacturing facilities includes a state-of-the art engineering department.
NDS Green power
Green energy plays a key role in the energy transition due to its low environmental impact. 
3D Modeleren
We design in 3D
Parts & components
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Drowings bill of materials

NDS Equipments at its best

New dimension solution equipments personnel have a great deal of experience in many types of projects, for this reason we can assist the client with all wishes in this area. Our engineers can provide comprehensive technical support at both installation level and project technical level.

Our Featured Product

Features of Dredge Pumps

Capable of Pumping Wide Array of Materials Large Selection of Pumps and Configurations Pump Abrasive and Gritty Material with Ease High Tolerance Between Impeller and Pump Casing, Allowing Larger Solids Low Maintenance

Use Dredge Pumps in:

Lagoons and Lakes Irrigation Canals & Basins Mine Tailing Ponds Municipal Sewage Energy Ash Ponds
Agriculture Manure Ponds
Paper & Pulp Basins and Ponds
Settling Tanks & Digester Tanks